Whether you represent a government contracting agency, a legal firm, an accounting firm, a monitoring firm, a construction management firm, or a Taft-Hartley organization, your agency, organization or firm will benefit itself and its constituencies when it begins working with Prolective Solutions, LLC, and our experienced associates. 

Prolective Solutions, LLC, is different than almost every other prevailing wage, OSHA and/or MWLBE government construction compliance consulting firm because our knowledge base is totally operational rather than second-hand enforcement.  We empower knowledgeable clients who appreciate that developing a total understanding of both proven compliance methods and of all of the nuances behind any particular regulation or standard enables your agency or firm to craft a profitable solution that will streamline business processes, reduce inefficiencies and interruptions, survive challenge and reduce costs for itself and its constituencies.

‚Äč When your agency, organization or firm is seeking to develop an improved compliance program, or when your agency, organization or firm is challenged by cybersecurity issues, requirements to maintain data, meet certain fiduciary, prevailing wage, OSHA and/or MWLBE government construction compliance standards, Prolective Solutions, LLC will afford you the knowledgeable background needed for you to make the best possible choices going forward.  After all, making the best possible choice among many is what being Prolective is all about.

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Prolective Solutions, LLC knows that questions regarding worker classification on public work projects can make or break a construction contracting business.